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In 2017, Building Community  Bridges  completed an integral strategic pivot and now operates as a  Community  Economic Development  (CED) nonprofit.  We operate
two projects in the Adaklu-Anfoe region. 
    - Social Entrepreneurial education and workshops.


    -  Ongoing regional construction of  toilets.


Our new CEDI program is operated in partnership with MifonRice, a  social  enterprise  poised to be a powerful  engine for decreasing  poverty and  generating income in Adaklu-Anfoe and the greater Ho region in Ghana.

you are the bridge our communities need to help them cross over To better days. Join Us

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.”


what we do

Our Cedi Program

amazing facts



Die  from waterborne disease Annually



West and East Africa are the main rice-producing sub-regions in Sub-Saharan Africa, producing 95% of total rice production



water coverage. Well below the target of 75% for the region.​