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exploring long term solutions to root causes of socio-economic inequity in 2 rural communities in Ghana And Togo. 

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Enyonam Nanevie

Founder/ CEO


Building Community Bridges, Inc. was founded as a result of the questions posed by a small team of volunteers in 2006, in Togo, West Africa.  Those questions stirred all of us to action. Why are these villages so destitute? Why were there no resources to help them develop? Why were so many young girls and women walking 6-7 miles looking for water, that they might not find?  But most importantly, why was there no exposure of their plight?   Building Community Bridges, (BCB) issued from our collective reflection that together we can seek  answers and generate solutions through innovation.

board of  directors & advisers


Board Secretary

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Yusuf Azzizulah, 

Board Member - 

Board and Strategic Dev.

Rebeccah Tweboah
Board Member &
 Attorney/ Legal Counsel

Thomas Larkin

Board Adivser - Board & 

Strategic Development

Elizabeth Maxwell

Board Adviser -

Former Vice President

CPA Treasurer

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Dr. Marc Bertrand,

Board Adviser - Board & Strategic Development

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Our mission is to be a bridge to community development in the Adaklu-Anfoe community in Ghana through social entrepreneurship.

Enyonam Nanevie


Habibatou Diallo

Development Administration

Nathalie-Claire Chiavaroli

Director of Marketing

Igor Muravchik

Director of Fianance 

Dr. Marc Bertrand

Board Adviser - Board & Strategic Development

"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy." - Rumi


our mission

Rural populations in West Africa living in self-sufficient communities with access to resources enabling them to thrive.​

Marrying social development and impact entrepreneurship, Building Community Bridges, partners with rural communities in Ghana to co-innovate solutions that foster fundamental transformation.​


our purpose 

Develop a schema that is a foundation of a new paradigm founded upon self-reliance, dignity,  partnership, and reduction of aid-dependency in West Africa.​

Enyonam Nanevie
Founder and CEO

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Treasurer - Position Filled.

Habibatou Diallo



Nathalie Chiavaroli

Director of Marketing

Igor Murachic

Finance Director

Enyonam Nanevie