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Developing sustainable solutions for the root causes of socio-economic inequity in sub region of Adaklu, Ho, Ghana and Atakpame, Togo.

About Us

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Our Purpose

To develop a sustainable foundation for communal and economic growth with the core values of self-reliance, dignity, partnership, and reduction of aid-dependency in West Africa

Asking The Right Questions.
Our Story

Young girls walk 6-7 miles in search of water, uncertain if there’s even any to be found. Farmers work tirelessly to cultivate their land without mechanization, and those same farmers struggle to transport their goods across crumbling and neglected roads. Entire communities are suppressed by a lack of industrialization and an inability to compete in the regional market.

These are all things that a group of volunteers led by the BCB’s Founder observed in the small villages of Togo and Ghana, West Africa 2010.  And these observations led them to one very important question – why were these communities struggling without any aid or recognition from the rest of the world? In response, Building Community Bridges (BCB), was formed as a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing innovative humanitarian solutions for the underserved communities of Ghana and Togo. 

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Our Mission

Stimulate sustainable and self-directed community economic development in the Adaklu villages in Ho and Atakapame, Togo through our social entrepreneurial CEDI program.

Our Vision

Rural populations in West Africa with access to the resources and education necessary to develop thriving self-sufficient communities.

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