The capacity to work with the land to grow and thrive.

According to the Oxford Buisness School (2017), only 34% of rice consumed in Ghana is produced locally, resulting in the importation of 680,000 tonnes annually.

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of RICE consumed in Ghana is produced locally


INCREASE IN  rice importation
IN GHANA since 2016


market for rice to be tapped into


of rice consumed in Ghana is imported



Our social enterprise propels the self-directed prosperity of rural villages by way of sustainable agriculture.


BCB functions as the “parent organization” of this rice-manufacturing enterprise. We support community development from within and work as a facilitating resource or "bridge". This project produces commercial rice production,  job creation, poverty reduction and community transformation. 


The MIFON Rice project works in partnership with BCB’s CEDI Program to help increase the educational and technical skills of the workforce to allow for a more educated and capable  community.


As a village partner, BCB is a bridge to resources for the community. In this role, we foster an environment for community growth.  Our CEDI provides education and support for the villagers' identified needs.


Implementation of our CEDI program in the villages promotes independence, self-sufficiency, and honors indigenous traditions while strengthening local communities to
pursue and sustain their own life vision.

 BCB CEDI Program

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"From the depth of need and despair, people can work together, can organize themselves to solve their own problems and fill their own needs with dignity and strength." 

-- Cesar Chavez

How Does It Work?​