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We hope we will be able to entertain and inform you here.We will keep you up to date on our latest operations and ongoing projects. We will tell you how well our fundraisers are doing - and we will give You an opportunity to tell Us……. well, whatever is on your mind! Plus, we will have special features and more. West Africa has replaced India as the home to the largest number of people in the world living in extreme poverty.


Building Community Bridges (BCB) is working hard to help eliminate poverty by helping residents of West Africa to help themselves by partneringwith them to grow and sell rice. There is enormous opportunity for the residents of Ghana to generate income in a dignified way.  In the area of Adaklu - Anfoe, there are 4,000 acres of rich land and access to Lake Volta- the two big needs for growing rice; rich soil and water.


Here we will work with the people of the area in taking charge of their futures by generating an income while doing honest work. Won’t you help us help them?  When we say poverty, something comes to your mind -perhaps you have read about someone losing their job or maybe you have seen some poorpeople in your country. We at BCB see people who often have so little: no access to cleanwater; no sanitation services; no toilets; no infrastructure; no economic opportunities.And worst of all, the most desperate thing they lack, is Hope.  Please click on the Green Button on any page and help us Make The Impossible Possible.


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Ed Aslinger


About the Author: Ed Aslinger was part of the management team at the NBC-affiliate television station inChattanooga, Tennessee for many years. He is now retired in north Georgia, andenjoying his grandchildren.