Mifon Rice: Revolutionary changes are on the way



In this post, we want to point your attention, if we may, toward our DONATE NOW green buttons you see at the top of the pages here on the site. Our current Donor Box campaign is asking for $30,000. The primary need now is to help pay expenses involved in the rice harvest. This is a Pilot Project for the social enterprise. In addition, $3,500 is earmarked for repair of a Solar-powered water pump in Togo, just to the east of Ghana. The remaining funds will be used to buy Eco-san toilets.


As there are no water companies providing running water in these areas, conventional toilets cannot be used. Eco-san toilets have been designed to protect and preserve the environment. They do not use water for flushing. Eco-san toilets, properly installed, are odor-free.


Building Community Bridges operates as a Community Economic Development (CED) nonprofit. The Program is in partnership with MifonRice. This collaboration is on the cutting edge of becoming a force for fighting poverty and generating income in Adaklu-Anfu and the Greater Ho area of Ghana.


Help us Make The Impossible Possible.


Thank you.