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Our Partners

Building Community Bridges operates through the support of committed donors and partners who share our vision of transforming rural communities in Ghana and Togo.

Funding Partners

We thank our dedicated circle of supporters in our Bridge Builders Circle, without whom we could not do our work. Thank you for being a bridge to a new dream of change.


Institutional Partners

Ho Polytechnical University supports our farmers with their agro-technological expertise, empowering them through improved and advanced farming techniques.

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Program Partners Ghana

We honor and applaud the work of some of the best farmers in Ghana!  We are privileged to work with Elete Rice Farmers Association to develop the rice production capacity in Ho, Ghana.

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Program Partners Togo

Our community partners in Atakpame are resilient and progressive. Their commitment to lead the transformation in their village inspires us. We applaud these formidable social change agents. 

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