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Building Community Bridges

BCB stimulates sustainable, self-directed community and economic development through our WASH and social entrepreneurial projects in Togo and Ghana. Dignity, not charity, is the basis of our work.


About Us

We are a Bridge

to Dignity through


Our Purpose


Building Community Bridges raises the quality of life in rural communities in Togo and Ghana through our social enterprise and development projects. The principles of dignity and self-determination guide our purpose in leveraging partnerships (the “Bridge”) to empower and transform villages.



First Village Discussion with the Women

Our Story

The livelihoods of rural communities in Togo and Ghana have been crushed by a lack of access to basic developmental resources such as water and sanitation facilities. Inaccessibility to education on improved farming technologies, proper tools, and equipment further impedes their ability to overcome poverty. Building Community Bridges was formed in 2010 to foster locally-sourced solutions that transform these underserved communities. 


Our Initiatives

Green Rice Fields of Ho

Nafon Rice

As a social enterprise, Nafon Rice produces and sells commercial rice, creates jobs, and enables farmers to generate increased profits from their fields, contributing to poverty reduction and impacting community transformation.  

Rice Storage Room

CEDI Program 

BCB fuses social development and entrepreneurship to be a facilitating "bridge" to change. We developed sustainable solutions to root causes of economic and developmental challenges. BCB is the “parent organization” of Nafon Rice and helps increase the agricultural workforce's educational and technical skills. 

Building Eco-San Toilets in Atakpame

Ecosan Toilets

We build waterless toilets, educate the community on their proper use, and implement workshops on sanitation and hygiene practices.



Community Boabob Tree

Ho, Ghana

Atakpame, Togo

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