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Building Community Bridges, Inc. , (BCB)’s Social Entrepreneurial Incubator (“SEI) is the risk- -reducing think-tank bridge that drastically increases our success rate and serves to link our non-profit base to our social entrepreneurial business arm. 

BCB’s mission is to increase the quality of life in RC in Atakpamé, Togo, through multi-faceted interventions across four impact areas: preventative health, restorative health, education, and social entrepreneurism with networking ties to local, national and international resources.

SEI provides business incubation services to social enterprises to support development of ideas and innovationsinnovative development that ensures  for-profit business success while providing pathways out of povertyinto successful for-profit businesses that provide solid pathways out of poverty. 

The current level of infrastructural development in Togo , necessitates an incubator system for vital development and business growth. which will be vital to the development and growth of the business. The incubator method protects investors by reducing risk and increasing access to eavailable expert knowledge and accessibility to those on the ground.  BCB’s SEI works as the middleman,  –so to speak, and  -- ensures that the business receives everything it needs from inception, implementation, operation, to break-even profitability.

The SEI will provide theseis incubator services:

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