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Eco-San Toilets

Hygiene is an absolute necessity for the cultivation of a thriving community. 

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Waterless Toilets

Four to six million people resort to open defecation in Togo and Ghana due to lack of toilets (Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council, 2020).  This practice pollutes groundwater and spreads disease.  Eco-San toilets help keep groundwater clean and reduce communicable diseases that kill millions per year worldwide.

Sustainable Sanitation

BCB works with villages to install Eco-San toilets. These toilets don’t require water and are perfect for communities without sufficient access to water. They are installed with a dual base, so when one tank is full, it’s closed, and people can use the second tank. The waste in the sealed toilet decomposes, becoming similar to cow dung. 

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Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Workshops

We provide education about how to effectively maintain the Eco-San toilets and convert contents to safe fertilizer. The result is the basis of a  hygienic infrastructure from which entrepreneurial agribusiness and sustainable community development can emerge. The waste from the toilets can be sanitized and used to help crops flourish.

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