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Nafon Rice Social Enterprise

Ghana imports 66% of its rice, spending one billion dollars annually to do so.  Redirecting even a fraction of this expenditure to locally grown rice would significantly increase the social and economic conditions of rural farmers and their families.

Nafon Rice Social Enterprise

Nafon Rice social enterprise provides the processing, marketing, and educational assistance that enables farmers to produce higher quality grains and increased crop yields.  

Motor tillers and thrashers accelerate the farming process and decrease dependence on manual labor. Processing machines preserve the rice grain from breaking, which happens with manual threshing. Milling machines make the rice trade more profitable by allowing villagers to process their grain locally. Our program also provides educational services on sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural techniques.  


Manual Rice  Drying
Harvested Rice - BCB
Field Tillers
Golden Grains of Rice
BCB Pilot  Rice Storage

Impact Investment

Are you an impact investor or looking to make an investment that makes a difference?  Nafon Rice, a for-profit social enterprise entity, administers this project. Nafon Rice is looking for impact, venture capital, and other investors interested in an early stage, growth equity investment opportunity. Please email or contact us for additional information.

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